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We combine our management consulting knowledge with our extensive technology expertise to help clients navigate and thrive in an interconnected world.

We are a service-oriented firm, providing clients a mixture of consulting services and technology solutions to effectively address the challenging needs of today. We value the power of insight for our clients and apply audacious thinking to create long lasting impact. We believe that knowledge and insight, through thoughtful and systematic analysis, bring sustainable solutions to our everyday challenges. We help transform businesses into agile organizations through our strong commitment in innovative research techniques which propels us to provide real world solutions to our clients. Our company has succeeded to be ranked among the market leading companies for business analysis and research.

Throughout the years of experience, we have developed a sterling technical team with multidisciplinary skills, who complement one another to provide clients a full suite of services in business analysis, software development, system integration, cybersecurity, and collaboration. Our security and network engineers are specialized in infrastructure security, routing protocols, network design, penetration testing, and system integration. Our software engineering team is specialized in back-end applications, database design and development, and front-end development.

By embedding an open partnership approach, we leverage for our clients the expertise and products of our partners like: Cisco, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Gemalto, IBM, Barracuda, Lenovo, HP, and many more.

In all our projects, we take pride of our project management capabilities. Our project management professionals and experts are an ingrained part of our company who invigorate our success. They design projects and put them into gear for successful implementation and completion.

We distinguish ourselves by focusing on providing high quality work and tailor-made solutions to the vast portfolio of our clients.

NOVUS is a ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company.


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