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Company Values

Our values

Our company values play a huge role in shaping who we are. They are the underlying foundation that set the tone of our success. They help shape our culture and everyday decision making with the overall goal of doing well by doing good.

Our guiding values are:

  • - Client satisfaction with superior quality solutions

  • - Create a family environment

  • - Inspire employees to improve

  • - Give back to society and nature

Client satisfaction with superior quality solutions

By being agile and relevant, and continually delivering value, we enable clients to become high-performance and sustainable organizations. We believe that value for our client is created when we provide them with quality solutions and services that are delivered through a partnership model.

Creating a family environment

We firmly believe that creating a family atmosphere at work fosters strong team relationships, which can lead to better dynamics and performance. At Novus, we continuously try to offer the most comfortable environment to all, a place that allows each employee to reach to their most authentic and truest potential. Where you can feel a sense of belonging and ownership by being part of a dynamic team that strives to continuously improve all while helping each other succeed in all challenges.

Inspire employees to improve

At Novus we are more than just a team, we are a collective of professionals who work together, act as a team to deliver value to our clients. We are committed to helping employees develop their technical and personal skills. Their personal development makes us proud and creates value for our company as well as our clients.

Give back to society and nature

At Novus we always believe in more than just delivering technological solutions. As we grow our business footprint, we understand the importance having a bigger beneficial influence on the people around us. Giving back to the environment and society is our obligation as human beings and inhabitants of this world.

Only when success is shared does it become genuine. This is why are committed to supporting small local initiatives in the area of sports, youth empowerment, gender equality, and cultural development.

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