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Novus team focuses on helping clients reach an optimal performance of their business and be forward thinkers on their industry. We follow a customer-centric approach and deliver the results that matter. No matter the complexity of business challenges, we have proven to offer scalable solutions and can support businesses gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Through our holistic approach to your demands and needs, your business operations would be streamlined, and feasible results would be produced.

Market Research and Data Analytics

In a highly competitive environment, businesses face major threats from competitors who can easily put their survival in question. Novus provides professional guidance that will help you generate insights to drive business success and conquer competition. We employ both qualitative and quantitative methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys and analytical methods to come up with concrete recommendations that will foster growth and provide valuable direction for the future. Through our long-term experience with data collection, we create indispensable insights that will impel your company to take the actions you need.

At Novus, companies will be able to access a team who leverages the power of big data and turns it into strategy execution. Our team will help you seize new opportunities by presenting concrete insights through data analytics which propels performance excellence.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Novus’s expertise lies on the advancement and development of agriculture value chains. We extensively support government institutions to identify developmental potentials that can unlock growth in the agricultural sector. As a certified provider of advisory services in agriculture from MAFRD, Novus has built a reputation to implement high impact projects in agriculture and rural development, such as, Farm Accountancy and Agriculture Statistics. We obtain and produce data that are used for evidence-based policies by the relevant authorities. We work hand in hand with our clients from the public sector as well as the private ones and offer technical assistance and capacity building programs which are designed to implement actions that will ultimately enhance the agricultural sector.

Public Administration

Novus provides a wide range of tailored made services to public institutions to support effective planning and implementation of priorities in order to strengthen effectiveness, transparency, accountability and professionalism of public administration. Working with experienced experts, in close cooperation with senior management in public institutions, Novus helps organizations of the public sector to effectively plan and implement national strategies for reforming and modernizing public administration, as well as meeting obligations in the framework of the European integration process. We support our clients to conduct fact-based policy-making process, rationalize and digitalize administrative processes, rationalize public institutions, effectively include citizens and stakeholders in the policy making processes and secure their support, improve media relations, improve legislative framework, strengthen administration’s transparency – such as through open data initiative – project development, monitoring and reporting, and managing relations and partnerships with international and regional organizations such as the European Commission and ReSPA.

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