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Email is the no. 1 cyber threat

July 01, 2019

Technology may have evolved in the past years to thwart cyber threats with next generation firewalls, antimalware protection, email security, encryption, and other intelligent services; yet, the weakest point on the internet continues to be us (the human).

End users carry the burden of navigating through their day-to-day legitimate communications over email, internet, social media, and corporate systems. Considering the amount of unwanted email received through spam and phishing attacks, they become overwhelmed and may become an easy target of attack. It takes just one employee to fall prey to an email scam for the entire organization to suffer.

Malicious actors in the cyberspace know that the easiest target to reach their goals are the end users within the target’s network. Their methods have become sophisticated, with malicious emails, links, and attachments that are difficult to discern from legitimate senders.

Organizations around the world are grappling with malicious programs, viruses, phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware, worms etc. The risk of data breaches through cyber-attacks can damage business brands and cost them huge amounts of money. The average total cost of a data breach reached $3.86 million during 2018. To prevent security breaches, organizations must invest in technology and continuously educating their employees on cyber and email security.

Novus can help organizations enhance their email security through:

  • Technology

  • Customized services

    • Run for your organization regular phishing exercises that are critical to educating your employees about the danger and prevention of email attacks.

    • Audit and implement best practice email security configurations across the organization (two-factor authentication, software updates etc).

    • Train employees to detect suspicious content and monitor the behavior of employees throughout the organization.

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