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Testing the security of computer systems

July 02, 2019

We live in the era of digitalization where every aspect of our lives depends on technology. Automation of processes has made life easier for both households and organizations. However, this rapid development of technology comes with its own risks.

All companies are at risk of their systems being subject to security breaches. Many companies have suffered such breaches by hackers and cyber criminals, with huge consequences such as loss of information, loss of customers, loss of reputation and even direct financial losses. Most companies nowadays want to have their systems as secure as possible and they want to know if their systems can be breached. This is why these companies do penetration testing on their systems.

Pen test is best conducted by someone who has no prior knowledge or information pertaining to the system's security. These people would be able to identify blind spots that got escaped by developers who built the system. Therefore, companies engage outside contractors to perform such tests. We refer to these contractors as "ethical hackers" or "white-hat hackers" because they are hired to improve the security of the system by being officially permitted to hack into the system.

Novus can help organizations improve their system security through:

  • Penetration Testing Services:

    • Novus has a team of “ethical hackers” who can perform different types of penetration testing (white-box, black-box, external, internal, phishing, social engineering, etc.) on computer systems and company employees, and inform companies on vulnerabilities and weaknesses that their computer systems have.

  • Recommendation on how to improve security:

    • Implement best practice security technologies and configurations across the organization to improve the security of computer systems.

    • Implement protection technologies from world class vendors (Cisco, Radware, Gemalto, CheckPoint, Palo Alto, etc.) to have the best possible security solutions.

    • Educate your employees on how to recognize if they are being a victim of a cyber threat and how to protect themselves and the company from such threats.

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