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Staying safe online during COVID

November 1, 2021

Technology has become an indispensable part of the business realm. It is an extremely difficult task to keep up with the exponential advances in science and technology, but this is what separates the rapidly growing businesses from stagnant businesses that have refused to acknowledge the true potential that lies in upgrading their technological solutions to meet the challenging needs of the market.

In anticipation of such disruptions, many companies have embraced the advancement of technology and embarked on digital transformation journeys by rethinking not only their core business strategy but also by capitalizing on new business opportunities brought about by these technology-enabled disruptions.

Business owners must constantly learn how new technologies affect their advertising, marketing, servicing strategies, and most importantly the integrity of their internal information. Companies from all over the world fall prey to different kind of cyberattacks. These attacks usually result from ill-intended hackers whose sole aim is to compromise a company’s information integrity.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the adoption of technology not only on private actors, but also on digital laggers in the public sector. While some countries were properly set up to swiftly adapt to the new context, many were not. Across the globe, the pandemic is forcing large-scale innovation in the public sector at an unprecedented pace and public servants are learning how to master new technologies on-the-go while adapting procedures and processes that have become obsolete overnight.

According to a recent market study, the business of either large, or small size can enhance their development chances by an extensive 85 % when they integrate the advanced technology solutions into their operations.

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people are relying even more on technology. The pandemic has completely shifted our lives. It has created new challenges for businesses all over the world as they adapt to a new model of operating, in which working from home has become the ‘new normal’.

During this period of time, companies have taken the necessary steps to accelerate their digital transformation, but one thing remains a concern still, cybersecurity is one of the main problems as we gradually shift to a remote environment.

It's precisely because of this and many other reasons that NOVUS has come together yet again with its partner CISCO, to continue supporting this transition by delivering great solutions that ensure that your work stays the same, no matter where you are or on what device you are working from.

CISCO considers the transition to remote work to be of utmost importance and we want to share with you some of our dedicated collaboration solutions that aid in your work process. These are technological solutions that we strongly suggest each and every business should know in order to complete their transition to a remote environment.

It is very important that you give your employees the right tools at their disposal to ensure that they are part of a proactive environment as well as have easy access to everything that they need to continue conducting their business operations.

AnyConnect is a unified security endpoint agent that allows access to multiple services in order to protect the enterprise. Through its features, it gives you the power to access your work nvironment no matter where you are in a risk-free way. Apart from allowing all of your employees direct remote access on any device of their choice, it also protects your organizational data from potential threats.

Webex Meetings platform makes it incredibly easy to connect to your team, and it paves an entirely new way of effective collaboration through its many features. It enables you to combine video, audio and content sharing like never before.

While we greatly understand the importance of working from anywhere, we also give great focus to staying safe online while doing so.

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