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Why customers choose Dell EMC Unity XT storage

October 26, 2020

Dell EMC Unity XT represent the ultimate in storage for the midrange market. These arrays are designed for performance, optimized for efficiency and built for a multi-cloud world. They also support IT transformation enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their data capital – easily and fast. Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Arrays provide the performance, efficiency, enterprise-class software and virtualization integrations required for running a wide range of applications

Designed for performance, optimized for efficiency
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays deliver impressive performance when running demanding virtualized workloads. These modern systems implement linear multicore scaling and inline data reduction inside all-flash pools for block and file. With the latest dual-socket Intel processor, more cores and memory, these new hybrid platforms, have the power to run applications, process inline data reduction and deliver unified data services - simultaneously. With 85% system efficiency, these platforms leave you more room for effective usable capacity. Dell EMC Unity XT’s modern design future-proofs your investment with a dual-active controller architecture and is NVMe-ready.

Cost effective
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays deliver the performance of flash with the cost effectiveness of disk. These Hybrid systems take advantage of Dell EMC Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VPTM) for automated policy-based tiering and FAST CacheTM SSD caching software to intelligently leverage how flash is implemented to increase overall performance while lowering opex. Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Arrays feature smarter tuning, use high capacity 12TB NL-SAS HDDs, inline data reduction for all-flash pools, and support the ability to dynamically shrink or expand FAST Cache online.

Unmatched simplicity
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays represent the ultimate in in midrange storage simplicity. These systems are simple to setup enabling installation in just a few minutes and in 15 minutes you’re configured to go; simple to use with an intuitive HTML5 Unisphere™ interface with multiple VMware and Microsoft integrations; simple to service/support that includes a built-in self-service portal with features and capabilities that easily help IT generalists resolve issues faster; simple data migrations with built-in capabilities to easily and nondisruptively migrate file and block data from VNX and 3rd party systems to Dell EMC Unity XT.

All-inclusive software
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays include all the software you need to store, manage, and protect your data. A comprehensive software portfolio includes Unisphere Management Suite (HTML5), inline data reduction with zero detect (all flash pools only), unified multiprotocols, unified snapshots and thin clones with Dell EMC AppSync integration, FAST Cache and FAST VP, data at rest encryption, unified remote replication with Metrosync Manager, QoS, IP multi-tenancy, File Level Retention, limited licenses for AppSync, RecoverPoint Basic, and RecoverPoint for VMs, and a 180-day free VPLEX migration license. 10 © 2020 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. Dell, EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Built for multi-cloud
Dell EMC Unity XT supports multiple cloud deployment options including validation with VMware Cloud Foundation; Cloud Connected Systems with Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance; Cloud Data Insights with CloudIQ; Cloud Storage Services for DRaaS and Cloud Edition software defined storage with VMware Cloud and HA in an AWS cloud

Cloud-based storage analytics
CloudIQ is a no cost cloud-based, near-real-time storage analytics application that’s included for use with Dell EMC Unity XT arrays. It provides comprehensive monitoring of system health, performance, capacity, configurations, and on-array protection metrics. It combines these metrics with machine learning and predictive analytic measurements to improve capacity planning and fix problems before they disrupt business. CloudIQ creates a comprehensive and proactive health score per array to ensure that each Dell EMC Unity XT array provides the optimal foundation for running business data with the highest availability.

Scalable file system
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid supports enterprise and transactional NAS use cases with a new 256TBu file system. The UFS64 file system includes up to 256 independent VMDK clones, 16 thin clones, space efficient snapshots with a simple space reclaim and low IO impact, file system shrink that can reclaim free blocks, simplified Quotas for User, Tree and Group Quotas, and faster failovers with in-memory log replay for faster and non-disruptive failovers. Each array provides synchronous and asynchronous file replication with support for Metrosync Manger to monitor both sides of the synchronous replication, detect outages and automatically fail over the synchronized NAS Sever(s) and constituent filesystems and configurations from the source to target.

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