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Keep your company safe from world wide web threats

July 02, 2019

Any threat that comes from the World Wide Web and endangers the system is known as Web Threat. All web threats use HTTP or HTTPS protocols and are linked to various types of malware and fraud actions. They can also utilize other protocols and components, such as links in e-mail or IM, malware attachments or on servers that access the Web.

Nowadays most activities are automated and a large number of them is available on the internet. This puts companies at risk of getting infected with different kinds of malware, viruses, ransomware and other kinds of suspicious software. This leads to the theft of information, destruction of information assets, encryption of data, which then causes a fall in credibility, reputation damage and even bankruptcy.

The most common web security threats are:*

  • Viruses

  • Rogue security software

  • Trojan horses

  • Adware and spyware

  • Exploits

  • Computer worms

  • DOS and DDOS attacks

  • Phishing and others

Novus can help organizations improve their web security through:

  • Technology

    • Implementation of the latest technology in web security including Cisco Web Security appliances (hardware or virtual), Cisco Advance Malware Protection (AMP)****, Application Visibility Control**** to enhance the defense capabilities against cyber-attacks, including web threats, malicious files and programs, risky URLs etc. With Cisco technology, your organization is protected before, during and after an attack based on information Cisco collects globally through Cisco Intelligence center and provides this information in real time to protect its clients against web and other cyber threats.

  • Customized services

    • Implement best practice web security configurations across the organization to simplify the prevention of web security threats (dynamic reputation and behavior-based analysis on all web content).

    • Educate your employees about the danger and prevention of web attacks.

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