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Quality Management System Policy

Quality Management incorporates perfecting products and services brought to market, through the improvement and advancement of work processes.

Therefore, it is applied in all work processes, through a constructive and continuous activity, in order for the enterprise to focus on continuous improvement and advancement of its products. The objective that the company has set for itself is to finalize the efforts of all staff for a careful management of quality-related processes. In order to guarantee the quality of personal work, an awareness of everyone is needed.

In particular this will be achieved by:

  • Respect the contractual relationships that determine the actions to be implemented;

  • Constantly improve the professional skills of employees;

  • Informing and involving all employees, about the formalities, personal responsibilities during the development of specific tasks for the implementation and constant maintenance of the QMS - Quality Management System within the IMS - Integrated Management System;

  • Developing a continuous effort with the aim of improving the organization of work;

  • Taking care of the analysis and measurement of the results and serious handling of the client's advertisements;

  • Giving priority to the prevention of nonconformities.

Management on annual basis prepares the objectives to be achieved in order to continuously improve and take an active role in promoting and leading all activities that have an impact on quality, which means meeting customer satisfaction.

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