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Due to the constant and rapid evolution of technology, organizations are required to maintain scalable networks and agile systems to meet the changing business needs demands. Digital transformations are guided by a change in the business strategy which encompasses people and technology at a fundamental level. As a result, our technology offering is not only based on our level of expertise but also on the future vision of technological evolution that is transforming the way organizations operate and people interact in the cyberspace. We have managed to build a solid suite of technology services for our clients such as: designing and installing modern networks and data centers, deploying or migrating to private or public cloud infrastructure, developing custom software and customization of vendor software systems for client needs, and providing clients with consulting and security testing services to make your systems safe and robust to external threats.

Software development

Digitization in the past decades has changed and revolutionized the way we work and operate. We are contributing to this trend with our software services, which are carefully planned and meticulously designed to help clients in their work. Our experienced business analysts define the workflows and processes that feed to a system’s architecture. They apply a collaborative approach when striving for agility and contribute in maturing an idea jointly. The development work is carried out with agile methodologies by our database engineers, back-end and front-end developers, and quality checks are carried out by our quality assurance teams.

Network design and implementation

Computer networks play a key role in today’s business operations by defining the way the work is carried out. They connect users to the internet and organization’s data centers. Yet, with increasing speeds (5G) and digitization of equipment (IoT), it is crucial for IT departments to maintain scalable and intelligent networks.

We help clients design, optimize, reconfigure, and operate their networks to meet their business needs for the long-term. Our network engineers are certified in routing and switching, network security, and network design. We have partnered with global vendors to provide our clients with the latest technologies. Our strategic partners are: CISCO, IBM, Barracuda, Gemalto, and HP.


Technology companies are most vulnerable towards information security breaches. Information is the most valuable asset that a company possesses, thus, protecting it is not optional. The growing complexity of enterprise services is exposing our clients’ data and systems to preying eyes of hackers and other malicious actors. Our clients’ personal data, business secrets, communications and proprietary data must be secured at all times to ensure business continuity and legal compliance.

To keep their data safe, we help our clients identify vulnerabilities in their systems and user’s behavior through penetration testing, security assessments and audits, and social engineering. These assessments help clients plan their information security strategies and investments.

Cloud Computing

In many instances, setting up proprietary hardware infrastructure for many clients has become an unfeasible and inefficient option. We recommend to our clients to migrate their data to the cloud when such migration is possible from a compliance point of view. Major cloud platforms provide the needed tools to build flexible, scalable, secure, and easily accessible data and systems. Our engineers help clients to plan their migration to the cloud, deploy systems and applications in the cloud, develop private or public cloud environments, set up disaster recovery and business continuity for complex systems, and manage their systems and presence in the cloud.

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